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Digital marketing

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It is important for us that our clients’ websites are at the top of the Google search engine, because this is where the main customers stream comes from to make your company a revenue.


SEO (search engine optimization) is an algorithm that affects the position of a website in the Google search system. To get the first display positions in Google, you have to follow all the requirements of this algorithm, which are more than 100. We offer a complete SEO audit and dealing with the relevant SEO settings.


Facebook Ads

We create a Facebook page for your business and connect Facebook Ads to it. In addition, it is possible to set up Facebook Messenger and connect a Facebook page to an Instagram business profile.

Facebook Ad

Instagram Ads

We help to create a business profile on Instagram and run an Instagram Ads to get your business visible to as many people as possible.

Instagram Advertising

Google Analytics

We connect Google Analytics to your website without involving third-party software and help in account creation, so that you can monitor website statistics in real time.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics 2


We connect your website to HubSpot to fully automate the process.



We connect your online store with MailChimp to send automatically the company emails, view statistics and collect a customer base for promotional mailings.



Achieving any goal requires a certain strategy. It is especially important in IT business. We offer a digital strategy for your company.

Keyword analysis

We analyze your business for keywords and human behavioral factors. It is important for us to understand what queries Google searches for your website or products in order to increase conversion.


Every day we work with many companies and use their latest services and modern programs to provide the perfect web space to our clients.


Read our unique articles to better understand the IT industry, app and website development. These articles are perfect for businesses looking to get a quality business resource.

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Does a website have a warranty?

Yes! The warranty is valid for 1 year. Since we write a lot of our own and custom code and mostly work on the WordPress platform, updating plugins can cause incompatibilities with our custom code. If something breaks due to our fault within one year, we will fix it quickly.

How long does it take to create a website?

The working time depends on several factors: whether it is a one-page website or a large online store, etc. The work can last from one week to several months.

What is the approximate cost of a website?

Everyone should understand that a good website is an investment. You pay for a website that makes you money. Why else do you need a website? Companies invest in real estate, transport, furniture, gadgets, but for some strange reason they do not invest in websites.

We want to make it clear that a good quality website is a modern and functional solution for making money in 2022.

The prices of a good personal website start at 1 500 euros, the prices of an online store start at 3 000 euros. But here it is worth thinking about how much money creating a website will bring you.

I need a website but I don't understand anything about it.

We do not create a website and simply hand it over to the client, but we take into account the capabilities of each client.

Example: A company has a whole department that deals with the website. We offer them a system in which they can work comfortably.

Another example: the owners of the online store are elderly people. We create an online store for them so that it is convenient to manage.

What languages ​​do you make websites?

Even in Chinese. :)