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Cheap VS Expensive Website

Hint: Quality = Price

Ever wonder why companies pay thousands of euro for websites when another company only pays a few hundred? What is the difference between a cheap website and a high-end website? Which website should you choose?

We always advise small businesses that price is important. However, a “feasible” website will always be more cost-effective than a costly website.

It is worth protecting! Web design companies often advertise a low price to attract customers. This low price is only illusionary if you really understand the services a web design company offers and what additional costs you will need to make for “optional” changes.

Before we get into the details, let’s define the terms of the prices we will be discussing below.

Expensive – are expensive, labour-intensive and difficult to execute. High-quality products can be superior to others and often have a higher quality.

Affordable – a service or product you can afford for your business or yourself. It replaces high-end, expensive products. Consumers buy affordable products whose quality is more important than their budget.

Low – simple, easy, straightforward, and low cost. Although cheap products and services can be a great treasure in a poor state, it is important to understand that they won’t last long and are not of high quality.

It doesn’t matter how simple it is to explain what the differences are between expensive and inexpensive websites, it is difficult. Because, as with many other areas, you must be knowledgeable about this topic. This is why there are still developers who offer “free” or “cheap websites.

We will explain the main differences below!

Why would a cheaper website be of use?

Websites are often overlooked by business owners. A great website can help you get more customers and orders than your business might realize. Your website should not only convey your business’ ideas and services. Optimizing your website to be found is also important.

How are some agencies successfully offering such low prices?

Low prices are often a marketing gimmick or illusion.

Website creation agencies may advertise free in some cases, but it is rare that a website will be truly free if you agree to their terms. Most sites that are free or cheap charge an annual fee. This makes it more costly over time than paying for the site immediately. Websites are often not optimized correctly, and the content must be loaded manually, making pages take longer for inexperienced users.

The Agency uses “hacked”, or “pirated,” plugins and themes.

Many agencies offering cheaper websites will use pirated themes and add-ons. This is not only illegal and unethical. It can also be a breach of security. Older software is a major way hackers hack WordPress sites.

How do cheap sites affect businesses?

Websites that are cheap are not optimized for search engines.

Because they aren’t search engine optimized, cheap websites will bring you significantly fewer clients. Your Google ranking can be affected by many factors, which will impact your ability to convert visitors and attract them.

Websites that are poorly designed can be slower.

Most people don’t consider website loading speed when they manage their websites. This is something that we notice immediately when we visit slow websites. It can be very frustrating when the foundation is slow. Google is also aware of this and will punish you if your website is slow. Why? Google and other search engines want their customers to have the best experience possible and get the most current information. Visitors will leave your website if it takes too long to load and close the browser. Google is aware of this fact and uses it to measure the quality of your site.

It is essential to have a website that is fast. It’s not easy to create a website quickly. Why can’t agencies make websites faster?

Simple answer: Getting a website to load quickly is difficult.

Websites that are cheap often end up being more expensive.

That’s right. Websites that are cheap can end up being much more expensive over time.

You may need to redesign a website that isn’t cost-effective in order to make it more efficient.

Perhaps you have had an enormous headache with small website changes. But it was difficult to find a company that would replace it, or pay a lot for it.

Many companies have purchased websites for as little as 100 euros only to find that they aren’t growing online. The reason for this is usually that a website has many important components, and not just its design. Many companies contact website developers only to get design updates. There are many things you need to keep your website growing, but these things are often forgotten. Who will update the website software? Is your site running fast enough? What can you do to create exciting new content for your audience? What SEO has been done to help your website grow? What are the best ways to convert more customers into visitors? These are just a few of the essential things that customers don’t see. If you have a bad site, and you realize it needs to be improved, you will not be able optimize your site or maintain it properly.

Websites that are poorly designed pose a security risk.

Your website could be vulnerable to security breaches if the developer did not discuss maintenance.

WordPress isn’t insecure by itself. The most vulnerable sites are often built by people who make cheap websites. Common errors:

Trusted agencies will ensure that your topics and plugins are up-to-date. Trusted agencies will be able to provide reliable backups of your site as well as other security measures to protect your site from hackers. Although nothing is impossible, it’s possible to strategically create obstacles that make intrusion less likely and facilitate site recovery.

What’s in expensive sites, but not the cheap?

It takes a lot of time to get to know the client and his business.

DIGIELU will always take the time to get to know your business before building your website. We learn about your industry, competitors, and where you stand in the market. This will enable us to build trust with your prospects and visitors, as well as a website that is easy to use.

We don’t waste time trying to understand your business. How can we make sure that your website is custom-made for your company and customers?

Developers often skip this crucial step and create websites that fail to deliver a return on their investment. We see countless websites that don’t perform well. Without doing research, they rush to the design stage.

Your website is your selling point.

Your website must do the job. A beautiful website is great, but it must generate customers.

DIGIELU will create your website based on a purpose. Our research will inform us about your market and we will design your pages to appeal to it. To encourage potential visitors to take the next step, we will use some encouragements and content to your site.

Others web designers might not have the time or patience to design a conversion oriented site. This step may be completely skipped by other web designers and they won’t likely make a sale.

Websites are untemplated and unique.

Every website DIGIELU builds is unique.

Many web “designers” aren’t actually able to create any websites. To build your website, they use pre-made templates and themes. You can buy a template online for about EUR 30 and have it installed on your site. While it’s possible to do this yourself, you will not get the best value if a web designer uses a template. We don’t like templates. We know that they are very limited in editing and can slow down your website.

All of our websites are created completely new. Every client receives a website that is unique to their business. It’s tailored to address your target audience.

You will have access to the site at all times. It will also be your property.

Your website will be accessible worldwide, 24 hours a days, 365 days per year. If your website is successful, you will need to have full access to edit, delete, and add things immediately. After you have created your site, we will show you how to make changes. Your site information will be available to you at all times. Your website should only be yours! Everything related to your website, domain and hosting will remain at your disposal. You can change the service provider at any time or make changes to any elements of the site. Editing a website will not require a major overhaul, and it will not cost you anything to make changes.

Search engines are at the forefront of everything you do on your website. Your website will load lightning fast.

Search engines are not meant to be unintended if you want to be found online. DIGIELU has a lot of experience in search engine optimization (SEO). We will need to be careful when designing a new website so that it is user-friendly for both the visitors and search engines.

Google will require that your site meets certain criteria before they show you in the search results.

Many factors can impact your search engine ranking, including:

It is important to ensure that your web designer does this, and provides a simple, well-optimized site.

Other agencies won’t take search engine requirements into consideration when building a website. You will be charged for it later.

Your website will be created, modified and completed.

These are the best and most efficient work tools.

DIGIELU offers all the top online tools to make sure your website is a good fit for your business.

During the development process, you will always be able to see and understand what is happening.

We will keep you informed throughout the website development process. We will send you detailed videos and screenshots so that you can see the progress we have made since our last conversation.


Businesses should do extensive research before hiring a website agency. Low-cost websites can have many disadvantages that are difficult to see from the surface. These include poor website speed, security and optimization, design and more. A beautiful website will have a great layout and be fast, secure, and optimized. This article will help you understand why it is worth spending more on your website for business. Why cheap websites work against you, not for you.

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Does a website have a warranty?

Yes! The warranty is valid for 1 year. Since we write a lot of our own and custom code and mostly work on the WordPress platform, updating plugins can cause incompatibilities with our custom code. If something breaks due to our fault within one year, we will fix it quickly.

How long does it take to create a website?

The working time depends on several factors: whether it is a one-page website or a large online store, etc. The work can last from one week to several months.

What is the approximate cost of a website?

Everyone should understand that a good website is an investment. You pay for a website that makes you money. Why else do you need a website? Companies invest in real estate, transport, furniture, gadgets, but for some strange reason they do not invest in websites.

We want to make it clear that a good quality website is a modern and functional solution for making money in 2022.

The prices of a good personal website start at 1 500 euros, the prices of an online store start at 3 000 euros. But here it is worth thinking about how much money creating a website will bring you.

I need a website but I don't understand anything about it.

We do not create a website and simply hand it over to the client, but we take into account the capabilities of each client.

Example: A company has a whole department that deals with the website. We offer them a system in which they can work comfortably.

Another example: the owners of the online store are elderly people. We create an online store for them so that it is convenient to manage.

What languages ​​do you make websites?

Even in Chinese. :)