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Web development

We are web wizards

We deal with various types of development: from the creation of big information systems and programs to the creation of completely unique web pages.

WordPress development

Vogue, BBC America, Sony Music, New York Post, thisisFINLAND are made on WordPress. But what is your new website platform?

E-shops (e-Commerce).

Information systems.

CRM systems.


For companies.

Real estate website.

Elementor website.

Promo website.

Official website.

Website with reservation.

E-shop delivery modules

Need a shipping module for your online store? We install, configure and show how it works.

E-shop payment solutions

We know how important secure payment is for users. We connect and set up all payment modules for you.

Speed ​​optimization

If the website is not optimized, it will not show up in the best way in Google, which means that you will get a few customers. We are happy to optimize your website.

PageSpeed Insights

Website security

At least 500 hacking attempts are made every day on a good and well-functioning website. Every 10 seconds some website is hacked. We offer complete protection for your website against viruses and hacker attacks.

Malware scanning.

Code vulnerability testing.

Security checks.

Security certificates.

Security plugins.


Security consulting.

Briefing for staff.

Security 2

Maintenance and backups

Many updates are released daily. It is important that the website is up-to-date. Most updates must be done manually. Then the website remains protected and functional. We want to provide support in updating and maintaining your website throughout its lifetime.

Weekly backups.

Plugin updates.

PHP updates.

Website security.

All sorts of fixes.

IT consultations.

Technical support 24/7.


Data import/export

Sometimes companies move the database from one website to another. For example, you need to transfer 10 000 products and you only have a file with information. We handle the data import for you and take care of all the settings.




Data import.

Data export.

Big data.

Custom taxonomies.

Import XML 1
Import XML 2

API integration

Nowadays, most web pages use APIs. We connect any API to your website using our own hands without involving third parties programs.

MailChimp API.

HubSpot API.

Stripe API.

Swedbank API.

Directo API.

Google Maps API.

Exchange Rates API.

PostMan example
HubSpot example

PDF development

We have experience in creating PDF certificates, gift cards, documents and invoices. We create a dynamic PDF based on your wishes.

PDF certificates with signature and stamps.

PDF invoices.

PDF gift cards for e-shop.

Multi-page PDF catalogs.

PDF example
PDF example 2

Plugin development

To provide a complete WordPress development package, we write plugins for you that perform all tasks.

Plugin development
Plugin development 2

Website audit

We perform a full review of your website in all aspects (speed, code quality, Google scores, design) and offer solutions if we find any errors.

Personal trainings

We conduct both private and group training sessions to explain, demonstrate, educate about the platform your business relies on. If you understand how the platform works, you can navigate it more efficiently and increase your company's revenue.


Every day we work with many companies and use their latest services and modern programs to provide the perfect web space to our clients.


Read our unique articles to better understand the IT industry, app and website development. These articles are perfect for businesses looking to get a quality business resource.

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Does a website have a warranty?

Yes! The warranty is valid for 1 year. Since we write a lot of our own and custom code and mostly work on the WordPress platform, updating plugins can cause incompatibilities with our custom code. If something breaks due to our fault within one year, we will fix it quickly.

How long does it take to create a website?

The working time depends on several factors: whether it is a one-page website or a large online store, etc. The work can last from one week to several months.

What is the approximate cost of a website?

Everyone should understand that a good website is an investment. You pay for a website that makes you money. Why else do you need a website? Companies invest in real estate, transport, furniture, gadgets, but for some strange reason they do not invest in websites.

We want to make it clear that a good quality website is a modern and functional solution for making money in 2022.

The prices of a good personal website start at 1 500 euros, the prices of an online store start at 3 000 euros. But here it is worth thinking about how much money creating a website will bring you.

I need a website but I don't understand anything about it.

We do not create a website and simply hand it over to the client, but we take into account the capabilities of each client.

Example: A company has a whole department that deals with the website. We offer them a system in which they can work comfortably.

Another example: the owners of the online store are elderly people. We create an online store for them so that it is convenient to manage.

What languages ​​do you make websites?

Even in Chinese. :)